PiU1 BIOsupply

We are glad that we can announce the PiU1, the smallest benchtop device designed for automated PCR set-up. Most automated molecular typing systems promise a fully automated procedure. Generally this affects only the post-PCR part of the workflow. PCR set-up needs to be performed manually in advance. The PiU1 completes such applications with an automated PCR set-up. Especially in combination with our FluoGene system a real and complete automation arises. The maintenance-free servo drives guarantee the most accurate pipetting precision. The preparation of the master-mix as well as an air bubble free transfer of the sample is ensured by the innovative dispenser head. The removable reagent rack offers space for 16 pipette tips and 15 tubes, which is sufficient for all common 96- well applications. The supplied PiU1 Manager software already contains the PCR set-up protocols for ReadyGene and all FluoGene test assays. Furthermore it is able to communicate with the FluoGene Software over the network for automated data transfer of the processed samples and analyses which avoids multiple data entry.