Hemostaza Biosupply
Hemostasis and thrombosis represent the body’s twin mechanism that keeps blood flowing while at the same time prevents blood loss when injured or under attack by disease or microbes. We provide useful information to help determine an individual’s risk of excessive bleeding or thrombosis.


LIFECODES ATS-13 Activity Assay is a quantitative assay for the measurement of ADAMTS-13 enzyme activity using FRET technology. A large body of literature shows that ADAMTS-13 is the protease responsible for cleaving von Willebrand Factor. Significant decreases or an absence of ADAMTS-13 activity can lead to the formation of ultra-large vWF fragments. Antibodies against ADAMTS-13 have also been shown to cause a decrease in ADAMTS-13 activity.

LIFECODES ATS-13 Activity Assay offers the following benefits:

Easy: Assay set-up in less than 10 minutes.
Fast: Results in under 45 minutes.
Sensitive: Fluorescent endpoint.


The development of antibodies against human Factor VIII (FVIII) is one of the most detrimental complications in the treatment of hemophilia A, as well as in patients with acquired hemophilia.

According to the Association of Hemophilia Centre Directors of Canada, all hemophilia A patients who have received Factor VIII infusions as well as those patients who are suspected of having acquired hemophilia A should be screened for the presence of anti-FVIII antibodies.

LIFECODES Factor VIII Antibody Screen provides the following key functionality:

Detects low titer antibodies to human FVIII.
Fast and efficient way to screen out Bethesda negative samples.
Detects relevant non-inhibitory antibodies thought to increase FVIII clearance.


LIFECODES PF4 Enhanced and PF4 IgG have been designed to detect antibodies that have been implicated in causing Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT). LIFECODES PF4 is offered in multiple kit formats allowing the flexibility to detect either IgG/A/M or IgG specific antibodies.

LIFECODES PF4 products offer the following benefits:

Heparin neutralization step reduces false positives.
High sensitivity assures confidence in results.
Multiple kit formats for maximum flexibility.


The LIFECODES VWF & Propeptide Assay is a quantitative solid phase ELISA for the measurement of von Willebrand Factor (VWF) and VWF propeptide in plasma.

LIFECODES VWF & Propetide Assay offers the following benefits:

Provide VWF antigen and propeptide results in the same run.
Fluorescent endpoint allows for minimal sample volume.