Electrophoresis, molecular biology

Electroforeza, biologie moleculara
Electrophoresis systems are available in varying sizes to accommodate a wide range of applications, and our Labnet electrophoresis units are state of the art research tools designed for DNA, protein, and nucleic acid applications constructed for molecular biology and bioresearch laboratory and classroom settings. Electrophoresis equipment products provide accuracy and reliability to aid your production and workflow in the lab. We also offers thermocyclers specifically built to accurately amplify segments of DNA via the polymerase chain reaction, facilitate restriction enzyme digestion, improve rapid diagnostics, and easily handle other temperature sensitive reactions in the laboratory.

MultiGene™ Thermocyclers

Enduro Gel

ENDURO™ Gel Documentation Systems

Enduro electroforeza

ENDURO™ Electrophoresis

Etansare a placilor AccuSeal™

AccuSeal™ Semi Automated Plate Sealer

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