BEXS 12 BIOsupply

BEXS 12 Bead Extraction System is a fully automatic machine for DNA extraction from blood based on magnetic particle separation technology. In combination with the BEXS 12 Ready DNA Bead Kit the system enables the parallel processing of up to 12 blood samples with a volume of 250 μl each. DNA extraction time is as short as 40 minutes for up to 12 samples per batch. The obtained DNA purity has a ratio of A260/A280 ~ 1.8 with a yield dependent on the original material of 5 - 10 μg DNA. BEXS 12 System is CE certified in combination with BEXS 12 Ready DNA Bead Kit and the use of inno-train‘s SuBiTo, Ready Gene and FluoGene test kits. A convenient handling of the system is guaranteed by an integrated automated buffer dispensing and a supplied barcode reading. Hands on time is minimized. The instrument is easily operated by a user friendly touchscreen. Separation of magnetic particles is achieved by metal rods being magnetized by an external magnet, which can be switched on and off. Efficient resuspension of magnetic particle pellets is accomplished by rotation of the rods. With this proven technology all centrifugation and labor intensive resuspension steps are omitted.